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  • Pastor Richard Cleghorn

    Jacksboro, TX

    From Pastor Richard Cleghorn

    If you are looking for a great revivalist/evangelist team, may I recommend the ministry of Dan and Sharon Parker.

    Dan and Sharon are people who will fast and pray with you. He preaches to reach the lost and renew the saints. They work the altars with the Pastor working as a team to minister to the people.


    Evangelists Dan & Sharon Parker trained at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas where they met and fell in love. He is an ordained Assemblies of God minister.


    Dan Parker has been in full time ministry for 37 years and has preached the gospel nearly 10,000 times. He has served as Lead Pastor for 17 years and as an Evangelist for 20 years in the Assemblies of God. Dan travels nation-wide holding revivals, camp meetings, crusades, and conferences. His wife Sharon has an anointed music ministry and has recorded 7 times in the studio.


    They have seen thousands of people born again and baptized in the Holy Ghost in 37 years of ministry. The Lord has healed hundreds of people of diseases, blind eyes, cancer, and various illnesses in their services.

    They are easy to please and a joy to be around. Please consider their ministry.

    If you would like to contact them, you may do so at my friends page.


    We recently had them for a second time and during the revival, miracles were experienced, young people received the Baptism with the Holy Spirit and laid hands of people to be healed. The river began to rise and Sunday after the services with Dan and Sharon, two lost prodigals came home.

    Pastor Cleghorn received a miracle of healing in his throat and tongue area.


    Pastor Richard Cleghorn

    Jacksboro, TX

  • Pastor Rick Smith

    Dallas, TX

    From Pastor Rick Smith

    They came to our humble church on a "love offering basis." How greedy can you be?


    They demanded nothing from of us, but came to us for four services and brought fresh anointed singing, an ability to tell a story with his home-grown Tennessee charm that will make you laugh at times, and rejoice at other times.

    Anointed old-time, but fresh, preaching of God's Word the way I beieve it was intended to be preached, as well as dynamic altar services that changed peoples minds, hearts and souls each service.


    People were saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, healed and refreshed. And to think, the first time I, the pastor, laid eyes on them was when they came to our church for revival.


    Pastors, I ask that you prayerfully consider having this wonderful couple out for revival whether you know them or not. They are warm, wonderful people that can mix well with any type of person.


    They have served as pastors before, so they are sensitive to you and your position. (This was completely unsolicted, but I feel someone needs to see it).


    Feel free to send me a personal message if you would like a personal recommendation. Blessings,


    Pastor Rick Smith

    Dallas, Texas

  • From an Executive Presbyter of the Southern Missouri District

    From an Executive Presbyter of the Southern Missouri District.

    In these days and times, it seems to be somewhat difficult to find true men and women of God on the evangelistic field - people of integrity, faith, and willingness to be obedient to God's direction for the local church.


    Grace and I, and the Church in Perryville, MO have experienced just such people, and we are prompted by the Holy Spirit to recommend them to you and the Church you pastor for consideration.


    Evangelist Daniel Parker, from Tennessee, and his wife, Sharon are very accomplished ministers who give themselves to the ministry of the Gospel as evangelists with pastoral hearts (having pastored for a number of years, too).


    Brother Dan Parker has a very good ministry, clear speaking voice, easily understood, and who shares the Scripture directly, well thought out, prepared, and anointed. Sister Sharon plays the keyboard/piano beautifully, and their singing is of top professional quality. They are nationally recognized and sought after speakers ministering not only in churches, but in camp meetings, councils, etc.; wherever God will open a door. They make no difference in large churches or small.


    While they are in full-time evangelism, they come with no prescribed qualifications (love-offering) basis.

    While I don't always do so, I fully recommend them without reservation.

    They will bless you and your Church.


    Pastor, you'll not be disappointed.



    Pastor John Chamness, Southeast Area EP & First A/G

    Perryville, MO

  • Gladys Veeder


    Gladys Veeder, lost her husband and a couple months later her son passed away in January.  She testified that she could not stop crying.  She had cried every day since her husband passed.  She was in terrible depression and praise God He became her comforter.  She was delivered and a smile came on her face.  She testified that when Dan layed his hands upon her for prayer she was instantly delivered.  For the remainder of the revival she said she never cried.  She had peace and felt such joy!  She rejoiced in the Lord and attended every night of the revival.  We praise God for working in Sister Veeder’s  life.

  • Rebecca and Norma


    This is Rebecca and Norma from Lighthouse Assembly of God.


    Rebecca invited Norma to church on Sunday.  Norma came and got saved Sunday morning.  She was filled with the Holy Spirit on Sunday Night and she was healed.


    All in one glorious day!  Also several more answered the altar call.  Nine were filled with the Holy Spirit and many testified of being healed.


    What a day of Revival!

  • Ellington, Missouri

    Evangelist Betty J. May from Ellington Missouri was healed of deafness.  She only had 4% hearing in both ears.  She had just spent over $7,000 on hearing aides this year.  God healed her after prayer in our revival at First A/G in Ellington  a few weeks ago.  She was slain in the Spirit and after the altar service she went back to the back of the sanctuary and she shouted, “I can hear Brother Dan talking at the altar!  Hallelujah!"  Thank you Jesus for a miracle for Sister Betty.

  • Ville Platte, Louisiana

    While in Revival at New Life A/G in Ville Platte, LA, a man testified that a year ago when we were there that he brought his daughter up for prayer.  She had an incurable disease and the Dr’s had told them there is nothing else they can do.


    We prayed for her around the altars and the Lord healed her instantly!  They took her back to the Dr. and verified that she had Been healed. God is Good!  The dad also was instantly delivered from smoking.


    In this revival the Pastor also announced the year before the Lord used Dan in the Word of Knowledge and asked if there was a Jill there that he wanted to pray for her.  Someone stood up and said that she was having a miscarriage at the time he were speaking.


    We stopped and all prayed for her.  The next night this young lady came to church.  The baby did go to heaven.  However, Dan prophesied over her and said God will keep His promise to you.   That was in 2014. During this revival in September the Pastor had her stand and testify. Well, she was expecting another child and it was due any day and all was well. She has since had a healthy baby.


    Praise the Lord for all He has done!

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